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When it comes to caring for our veterans, we all have a responsibility to recognize and honor their service. Veteran’s home care is an invaluable service that offers support, comfort, and companionship to those who served in the military. It’s an opportunity to show our appreciation for their sacrifice and dedication by providing them with the help they need.

What Is The VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit?

The VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit is designed to help veterans with limited incomes receive assistance for home care. It provides monthly monetary benefits to those who need help covering the costs of in-home care or assisted living expenses. This benefit is available to veterans and their surviving spouses, as long as they meet certain eligibility requirements.

In order to qualify for this VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit, you must have:

  • served in active duty during a period of war, 
  • be of a certain age, 
  • and meet income limits. 

Additionally, you must have a medical condition that requires assistance with daily activities such as:

  • Eating, 
  • Dressing, 
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Ambulating
  • Transferring

If you meet all these criteria, then you may be able to receive monetary benefits from the VA each month to cover your home care costs.

If you are considering applying for this benefit, it is important to research carefully and make sure that you understand all the necessary requirements for eligibility.

2024 Benefits

Two Married Veterans 3,649 per month / $43,788 annually
Married Veteran $2,727 per month / $32,724 annually
Single Veteran $2,300 per month / $27,600 annually
Surviving Spouse $1,478 per month / $17,736 annually

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Veterans Care at Home in Fresno, CA by A-Plus In Home Care

How Do Veterans Qualify For The VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit?

Serving our veterans is not just a duty but an honor. The VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit helps provide financial assistance to veterans and their families who need help caring for themselves in their own home or in a nursing facility. So how do veterans qualify for this benefit?

Applicants must meet both the medical and financial requirements set by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

By understanding the qualifications for the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit program, you will be better prepared to make informed decisions about your future. With this benefit, veterans can receive much-needed financial assistance to help cover costs associated with caregiving in their homes or in a nursing facility.

Veterans Care at Home in Fresno, CA by A-Plus In Home Care

What Services Are Covered Under The VA Aid And Attendance Pension Benefit?

This pension provides financial assistance for home care expenses such as:

  •  medical and nursing care, 
  • physical or speech therapy, 
  • home health aides,
  • meals prepared in the home, 
  • medication reminders, 
  • bathing and grooming assistance, 
  • transportation to medical appointments.

Veterans and their families who qualify should make sure they understand exactly what services are covered under this benefit so they can make the most of it. Knowing how the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit works is the first step toward ensuring that our veterans receive the comprehensive care they deserve.

You may have some questions. Chances are we’ve been asked the very same question quite a few times. So we’ve started gathering a few of them here.

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How Does The Aid And Attendance Benefit Help Pay For Home Care?

Not only does the aid and attendance benefit provide financial support for veterans needing home care; but it also offers peace of mind for those who want to stay independent but may not have the resources necessary to do so without assistance. 

By taking advantage of this benefit program, veterans can ensure that they are receiving the best possible care without sacrificing their independence or quality of life. 

Additionally, families can rest assured knowing that their loved one is receiving top-notch, personalized care from experienced caregivers without straining their finances.

This VA pension program serves as an invaluable resource for elderly and disabled veterans looking for home care solutions that meet their individual needs. With its help, these individuals can enjoy increased safety and comfort while maintaining control over their own lives in the comfort of their own homes.

How Do Senior Veterans In California Find More Information On The Va Aid And Attendance Pension?

Senior veterans in California who are looking for more information on the VA Aid and Attendance Pension can find helpful support.

The Veterans Administration website is a great place to start. It contains information about eligibility requirements, how to apply, and other important details related to receiving this benefit. 

The website also provides contact information for the local VA office, where veterans can get personalized help with their application process.


For those veterans needing assistance preparing an application or understanding the process better, there are many organizations offering free services to help veterans navigate the paperwork and understand their rights under the program.

Organizations like Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or Disabled American Veterans (DAV) have experienced advocates that can provide guidance in applying for benefits.

TIP: Reach out to a local veteran’s organization near you if you need help navigating the VA aid and attendance pension process. They’ll be able to provide you with personalized guidance and advice on how best to apply for your benefits.

Community Care Network/HHA/TriWest

The Community Care Network through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a vital and comprehensive program that ensures our nation’s veterans receive high-quality healthcare services in their local communities. By partnering with a wide network of healthcare providers, the VA’s Community Care Network enhances access to medical, mental health, and specialty care for veterans, allowing them to receive timely and personalized treatment closer to their homes.

The Community Care Network is committed to maintaining the highest standards of care, ensuring that all participating providers meet rigorous quality and safety standards. By constantly refining and optimizing the program, the VA strives to improve healthcare outcomes for veterans and streamline the process of accessing care within their communities.

As part of this commitment, the VA provides a user-friendly portal for community providers to facilitate communication, coordinate care, and process claims efficiently.

The Community Care Network portal allows providers to interact seamlessly with the VA, ensuring a seamless care experience for veterans and promoting a cohesive continuum of care.

HHA Program/Homemaker Home Health Aide Care

A Homemaker and Home Health Aide is a trained person who can come to a Veteran’s home and help the Veteran take care of themselves and their daily activities. The services of a Homemaker and Home Health Aide can help Veterans remain living in their own home and can serve Veterans of any age. Homemakers and Home Health Aides are not nurses, but they are supervised by a registered nurse who will help assess the Veteran’s daily living needs.

This program is for Veterans who need personal care services and help with activities of daily living. This program is also for Veterans who are isolated, or their caregiver is experiencing burden.

Homemaker and Home Health Aide services can be used in combination with other Home and Community Based Services. Services may vary by location.

Homemaker Home Health Aides work for an organization that has a contract with VA. Homemaker or Home Health Aide services can be used as a part of an alternative to nursing home care, and to get Respite Care at home for Veterans and their family caregiver. The services of a Homemaker or Home Health Aide can help Veterans remain living in their own home and can serve Veterans of any age.

What Services Are Provided Under the HHA Program?

Services are based on your assessed needs. Talk with a VA social worker to find out what specific help you may be able to receive.

For example, an aide may be able to come to your house several times a week or just once in a while.

Examples of daily activities you may be able to receive help with include:

  • Eating
  • Getting dressed
  • Personal grooming
  • Bathing
  • Using the bathroom
  • Moving from one place to another
  • Grocery Shopping

You can continue to receive an aide’s services for as long as you need extra help with your daily activities.

What Other Services Are Available?

Through the Community Care Network, veterans can access a broad range of services, including:

  • medical, 
  • behavioral health, 
  • surgical, 
  • dental services 
  • complementary and integrative health services (CIHS). 


CIHS includes:

  • biofeedback,
  • hypnotherapy,
  • massage therapy,
  • Native American healing,
  • relaxation techniques
  • tai chi.


Other services include:

  • dialysis,
  • comprehensive rehabilitation,
  • residential care,
  • home-health care,
  • hospice care,
  • dental,
  • immunizations
  • long-term acute care.
  • Durable medical equipment (DME) 
  • prescription medications (up to a 14-day supply) 


Veterans must be authorized by VA to obtain services through CCN.


This program emphasizes a patient-centered approach, focusing on the unique needs and preferences of each veteran, and fostering a collaborative relationship between the veteran, their VA care team, and community providers.

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